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Prepare Yourself / The INNER JOURNEY As your OUTER WORLD unfolds 'THE OTHER FIVE"
8 through 12  Of the Chakra system were recorded back in 1997 along with the first seven you know as "Angelic Chakra Kundulini Rush tracks"

 12 musical passages.  The Other Five sworn by secrecy would not be reveille d until today. The Angels are in charge.

The other five is the second cd to "ANGELIC CHAKRA KUNDULINI RUSH" which represents the five outer bodies of the 12 that exist as the life stem of your conscious body work, the first seven being inside the body and "THE OTHER FIVE extending outside your body works.

Music Composer [ASCAP Member since 2001]
Songwriter/Composer/Producer/Editor/Record Label Owner. Realized in tonal frequency healing with a fervent belief that music provides solid ground in all planetary culture, as well celestially add to it. Michael holds a Masters degree in music with twenty five years of study in eastern philosophy, has championed the science of numerology translated tonal frequencies into equations and then into music, to begin the healing process. With this remarkable talent, Michael creates a specialized kind of music that vibrates within the physical centers and frequencies within the human Chakra's. "ANGELICAL CHAKRA KUNDULINI RUSH" CD. What a rare and wonderful gift for the self Channeled during the appearance of the Hyakutake comet followed by eleven different Archangel visitations., The frequencies are universally applicable to healing and re balancing at the soul levels. Applications of this remarkable process are music compositions to perform targeted functions by, such as working at the computers, meditating, or gardening. The appearance of comets like "Hyakutake" and “Hale bop” brought forth the recordings of the “Angelical Chakra album 1996”, and the profound “Deus” album, 1997 just some of Michael's very fine compositions.

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