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ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE, at any given time THE GEOMETRY OF NOW IS PERFECT, not that you cannot CHANGE it, you can but you can only change it with ACTUALIZE CONSCIOUSNESS, so use this time to move into that bliss state and RECKOGNIZE that this is just another phenomena that were blessed to be living through and yes it's the COLLAPSE OF OUR CIVILIZATIONAL WHEEL absolutely its time, we need to collapse the THE MUTANT LUCIFERIAN FALSE LIGHT ADDICTION this adearence to the false aspects

of the religious IDOLITRY, thats not religeon, we have been indentured increasingly into the FALSE LIGHT ASPECT OF MONOTHEISTIC RELIGEONS that is IDOLITRY it's the very thing the prophet Mohammad was speaking against in his life, the very thing that Master Jesus was speaking against in his life, IDOLITRY, crush the idols, this is the time for all of us to do the same thing clear up the IDOLITRY aspect of how we engage faith and worship. This is a planet locked in RITUAL sacrafice of innocence, This is a planet under pinned by war and disease and poverty that each one of us goodly Christians Muslums and Hindu's have alloud in permission in our lives in our generations, but let us now use this time to reflect and to break that bone and reset it and do it with absolute courage, absolute conviction.

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Michael Drebert
Michael Drebert
Feb 13, 2021

nothing exists which is not shiva

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