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At any given time THE GEOMETRY OF NOW IS PERFECT, not that you cannot CHANGE it, you can but you can only change it with ACTUALIZE CONSCIOUSNESS, so use this time to move into that bliss state and RECKOGNIZE that this is just another phenomena that were blessed to be living through and yes it's the -


- absolutely its time, we need to collapse the -


this adherence to the false aspects of the religious IDOLITRY, that's not religion, we have been indentured increasingly into the FALSE LIGHT ASPECT OF MONOTHEISTIC RELIGEONS that is IDOLITRY it's the very thing the prophet Mohammad was speaking against in his life, the very thing that Master Jesus was speaking against in his life, IDOLITRY, crush the idols, this is the time for all of us to do the same thing clear up the IDOLITRY aspect of how we engage faith and worship. This is a planet locked in RITUAL sacrifice of innocence, This is a planet under pinned by war and disease and poverty that each one of us goodly Christians Muslims and Hindu's have aloud in permission in our lives in our generations, but let us now use this time to reflect and to break that bone and reset it and do it with absolute courage, absolute conviction.

Envisioning what is taking place is the most bold and beautiful reset, our world is going through a bloodless Armageddon which means there is a soft landing coming our way embrace and engage this soft landing with courage in our hearts Its time to own this space and MANIFEST a beautiful outcome this is a beautiful awakening from


Creating a cover story smoke screen about the Corona virus being the great threat this is fake news. Corona virus happens all the time, its always been with you every single year between 10 and 17 % of human beings who suffer from flu are suffering from this spectrum of the corona virus. There are about a hundred viruses that mutate constantly that become the house hold flu and the common cold Every year people are dying from corona every year people are afflicted by corona and every year most people are recovering from corona, corona is no worse more or less than the house hold flu.

This particular strain was weaponized as a very healthy augment that it was and its weaponisation been counter cooed, been coopted and commandeered by deep state.

The false news of millions dropping dead because of the corona virus, China has completely recovered no new cases of corona. Genetic warfare, weaponisation about the BIOSPHERE, deep state counter coo measures being taken on a 5 dimensional chess

game, all of these are distractions from the true question, which is who are you in this, are you defying your -


are there by engaging your TRUE SPIRITUAL SELF your true nature, your super nature, being able to then determine and define the outcome for you and for your family for your peoples, that the key question. Unconscious civilization was absolutely begging for this kind of event horizon to manifest the blessing is it could've been worse. we are witnessing the softest landing imaginable

This is CHANGE, change is a foot THE GEOMETRY OF NOW IS PERFECT. A corporate fiction called a government does not have any jurisdiction to tell a living soul what to do when to do it and how to do it, when you get that you step into seventy and you disengage disentangle yourself from the why'd and the fancy's of the fiction of government, then you RECKOGNIZE that you don't need to fall in line with these false -


that humankind has been trapped in a matrix city scrapped TAILSPIN.

We suggest every living soul all around the world RECKOGNIZE the cancer of cities, start to relocate back to agrarian community life style, go back to reconfigure relationship with Land and with the oceans, with the mountains with the forest with the sea that's where human kind shall prosper an -


We have been falsely pulled into city clusters a Babylonian bad wet dream to break us up as to one people and to harvest our life force when human kind goes back to the Land and reconfigure relationship with mother nature then we will see a complete dissolution of the false light matrix that we've been living through.

The point is each one of us needs to get back to a relationship with mother earth

we've aloud ourselves to be sucked away from CHANGING THE OUTCOME the RITUAL of nature away from the land, its time for -


its time for a reset.

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